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We believe a company grows when its employees grow. When you get to expand your talents and put your skills into practice, our company benefits tremendously. This is why we offer continuous learning opportunities and encourage you to build up your strengths. Find out how our employees envision, deliver innovative project solutions and how our managers lead our people. Read more about our exciting On the Go Trainings, as well as about our Learning and Development Programs below.


Learning and Development

We run complex development programs, targeted at your specific needs. We hold in-house trainings and engage top specialists. Our “Talent Management Senior” program builds on the high managerial potential of our colleagues and the “Team Lead Development” program shapes future Team Leaders. What is more, the “Technical Guru” program aims to deepen the technical knowledge of our Experts. In addition, we organize internal trainings on technical and soft skills topics all year round. We also subsidize the certification of our employees, should their project require it. Find out how you can accelerate your career at NTT DATA Romania below.


Postgraduate Training Program in Computer Science
Is it time to steer your career in a new direction? Has professional reconversion been on your mind lately? If you answered “yes” to both questions, we might be able to help. NTT DATA Romania is launching the second edition of the “Postgraduate Training Program in Computer Science” in partnership with "Babeş-Bolyai" University. Accredited by the Ministry of National Education in 2016, the program is the gateway to the IT & Software industry for university graduates. Elite professors from Babes-Bolyai University, along with our in-house specialists have jointly designed the syllabus of the program. You will explore Programming and Algorithmic Fundamentals, Data Structures, as well as hands-on courses, such as Web Client Side, Server Side and Programming Languages.
Learning Champion
We aim to transform the way knowledge is spread across our company and bring trainings within reach. NTT DATA Romania runs “On the Go Trainings” all year round in our national offices. Our internal specialists cover a broad spectrum of technical and soft skills trainings. What else is great about it? Everyone having a genuine interest in the topics can attend, regardless of their field of expertise.
Talent Management Senior
We are growing our next generation of leaders and you could be one of them! Today’s leaders must leverage the resources of their business and bring out the best in their people. Our Talent Management Senior program aims to develop business competencies and people management skills. Understanding the business unit, how money flows into and out of the business, respectively how to manage people is vital. The participants also learn how to expand their emotional intelligence, sales skills and how to role model for their teams.
Team Lead Development
Leadership goes beyond solid technical skills, which is why we coach our future Team Leaders thoroughly. Our participants learn how to offer and request constructive feedback, foster a healthy team climate, as well as to set clear and measurable objectives. In addition, they acquire the necessary skills to plan, assign and gauge team tasks.
Technical Guru
Technical Experts typically have extensive specialist knowledge and their input is extremely valuable to our clients’ projects. We coach high-potentials to enhance their specialist know-how with presentation, project management and time management skills.
Subsidized Certifications
People are at the heart of our growth and their professional development drives our performance as a team. We cover the certification costs of talented employees in technologies such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, ITIL, ISTQB or Goethe. Other certifications are also available, according to the field of activity. NTT DATA Romania Sibiu is part of the global “Testing Center” network authorized by Pearson VUE.

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