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Smart Factory

Get your factory connected and efficient with our industrial automation tools and predictive maintenance services

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We use data sensors and machine learning with pattern recognition, from device monitoring to predictive maintenance, to make sure your factory devices and robots are always running as they should. 

We bring technical solutions for every need with custom automation development tools and process optimization mechanisms.

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We focus on

Smart Factory

Industrial Automation & Protocols

We build real-time communications protocols to connect systems with sensors and devices.

Smart Factory

Image Processing & Pattern Recognition

Drive disruption and create new business models by understanding how elements form new patterns.

Smart Factory

Multi-sensor fusion, analytics and data mining

Get more value by combining environment data with intelligent and advanced multi-sensors.

Smart Factory

Blockchain Technology

We develop and integrate blockchain solutions to ensure transparent and secure communication and transactions.

Smart Factory

Edge AI & Server-side AI

Powerful analytics for decisions based on real-time data.

Smart Factory

Custom Development

Firmware & software development for hybrid multi-sensor nodes with GSM/LTE, LoRa and WiFi connectivity.

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