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From its integral role in building Japan's financial systems to helping to advance safety in air transportation, NTT DATA has been a pioneer of social change for more than five decades.



Customer, vision and teamwork. Innovation and continuous improvement are at the core of NTT DATA’s vision and strategy, which leads to a continuous portfolio expansion.


Over 2,000 specialists with more than 19 years of experience in consulting and system development are working together to bring innovation to our customers all around the world.


Our customers gain competitive advantages through software improvement, innovation and optimization and business process management.

Integrating extensive experience, proficiency and constant innovation, NTT DATA Romania collaborates with national and international clients, implementing IT services and solutions to help achieving performance and bringing added value. The business portfolio includes the following services: development and integration of standard or customized software solutions, application management services, testing, quality assurance, IT & business consulting, IT security and infrastructure services etc.

As a SAP Platinum Partner, NTT DATA Romania is a local market pioneer in implementing Success Factors and SAP S/4HANA cloud solutions. Moreover, the company has developed Clarvision, an in-house ERP system while offering support for 17 years to over 200 clients across several industries – automotive, furniture, metal works and others.

NTT DATA – Trusted Global Innovator is part of NTT Group (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), one of the global ICT leaders, with over 283,000 employees worldwide and a large portfolio of global infrastructure solutions, communications and IT services.

NTT DATA Romania is an IT services provider and system integrator, with a team of over 2,000 specialists in Romania and Serbia, delivering a variety of projects across diverse industries: Automotive, Banking, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Public Sector & Utilities, Retail, Transportation & Logistics.
Message from the CEO

At NTT DATA Romania, we believe in big dreams. Big dreams and hard work.

Looking at our company history, dreams have come true every time. Year after year, projects become more and more complex.

People have grown with this company, have built it and nurtured it. We all grew with the confidence that this organization will navigate towards a better tomorrow for everyone. 

We believe that in order to reach big dreams, we need vision, strategy and the team. “Team” is not restricted to NTT DATA but to the larger community of a real business environment, where a cohesive partnership with clients, with all the largest technology partners and NTT subsidiaries from all over the world, come together to contribute to better business results, to a better society and a connected world.

With NTT DATA Romania, you get the scale and delivery power of a top 10 IT services provider with the attention you would expect from a local company. You will benefit from our deep expertise in all the industries serviced and the dedication of our team.

Our work is guided by our values: placing our clients' needs first, applying foresight to each engagement and working as a team.

The result: Big dreams DO come true!

Daniel Metz - CEO NTT DATA Romania

NTT DATA Romania in short

Influencers within the IT industry
Due to our strong market presence and solid know-how in various business and industry areas, as well as our long-lasting strong partnerships and employer reputation we are a reliable partner within our markets and and contribute to the development of our clients and community. We enjoy being part of change and driving it by acting as promoters in several technological areas and thus making use of know-how on a group level while bringing valuable expertize on a country level. From architecture and design, to development services in all possible programming languages, testing and support services, maintenance, QA, mobility; we pretty much cover all IT aspects and offer solutions to the challenges our clients are be facing. Our extensive industry know-how, IT experience and drive to keep up the pace with current technology trends, makes us a suitable partner for a wide range of companies with various industry focuses. We aim to deliver quality at every step and to help you shape your business towards efficiency and profitability in the context of service outsourcing, while we provide all benefits specific to this delivery approach.
A top employer and shaper of IT talent
Since the very beginning we placed focus on bringing top graduates and professionals to our company. We provide a pleasant workplace where IT professionals of all experience levels can develop their skills and aim to discover and acquire know-how on various topics. NTT DATA Romania is located in 6 university cities throughout the country and 1 location in Serbia, Novi-Sad. Our collaboration with top universities of technical and economical background gives us access to some of the best IT professionals on the market. We conduct over 3,000 interviews each year of which we hire about 550 employees. However, as a mature company we realise the fact that, in order to ensure a sustainable IT market we need to develop further IT resources and ensure that there are skilled IT graduates on the market. Together with universities and partners (i.e. Porsche) we offer and develop various study programs and academies as well as provide the infrastructure for university classes and laboratories at our premises.
Making an impact on our community
Being a corporate entity provides you not only with an extensive know-how in terms of industry and services, but also empowers you to influence the society you live and breathe in. We like to use this power to make an impact on our community and offer support in various areas: sports, culture, etc. We not only change the IT landscape, we like to see ourselves as a pillar in our society and a strong mindset changer. As a pillar within the Romanian market we strive to offer financial support and attention to community and projects ranging from sports and culture, to environmental causes, education and health.

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