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Great tech needs great people like you

At NTT DATA the story is about you. The one who keeps trying and never settles, the one who enjoys traveling, playing, running, or just doing things their way.

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A journey about yourself

NTT DATA Romania is the place where you can reach your full potential, challenge yourself and work alongside people who feel or dream the same. This is the place where you can outperform yourself. 

Each one of us has different stories, passions, and talents. The things that set us apart are the ones that keep us together. We are one team, guided by the same vision, sharing different talents, and working for a common goal. 

We believe that our hobbies & personal values define us in a major way, so we encouraged our people to integrate them into various contexts at work. Whether it’s seeing things from different perspectives like in photography, whether it’s going the extra mile like in running, or whether it’s playing an important role like in acting, you can actually do things here.

The differences that make a difference

At the heart of the company, we are 2,000 enthusiastic people in Romania and Serbia, that deliver outstanding projects for almost 290 clients, solving the real-life challenges that business and society face nowadays. With innovation being at the center of our business, we constantly explore new and advanced technologies to quickly react to customers’ needs.

Work without boundaries

We believe in flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to work from anywhere while still achieving your productivity. It’s about work customization and agility.

We aim to find flexible ways of working as some may prefer the physical office, others will enjoy the comfort of their home.

To work without boundaries means to be resilient. It’s a way of being that’s flexible and gives you the opportunity to ditch the commute.

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Work from anywhere

Unlock your full potential

Each of us has a continuous journey on the learning map, and the journey is customized. We help our people grow, taking into account their needs and wants, but also the market trends and the business strategic directions.

Learning & development opportunities in NTT DATA Romania are diverse, engaging and dynamic: from development programs for senior specialists, certifications and soft skills trainings to tech talks and access to top opportunities at EMEA level or inside the local management team.

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We help our people grow

Build a solid future

Being present for more than 21 years on the market has taught us that motivated employees build long-term sustainability. At NTT DATA, you will find dedicated teams, an excellent work-life balance, a wide range of technologies and a work environment that promotes stability and wellbeing.

You will find here a place where tech innovation blends with the human mind to solve the next challenges. It’s your journey that matters and we are here to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

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Motivated employees build long-term sustainability

About Flexibility at the Workplace

Benefits in a nutshell

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With great colleagues and multiple learning & development opportunities, NTT DATA is the place where you can improve your skills and always reach your career development goals.

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Build your work-life balance as you want. Work from anywhere and gain greater flexibility and higher productivity. To work without boundaries means to be resilient.

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With more than 21 years of experience on the market, be part of a united team that delivers outstanding projects for almost 290 clients.


Together we can achieve more. Start your career journey!

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