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Pursuing EXcellence (PEX)

Career counseling and guidance sessions to facilitate an easier way to find a job and develop your technical skills by applying the learning path in a workplace.

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What is PEX

The project "Pursuing EXcellence" (PEX) is a co-financed project from the Human Capital Operational Program and it involves the participation of students from Romanian universities in compulsory and additional internships, carried out following the university curriculum. We implement ed this project for two years ending in September 2022.

PEX in numbers

246 students started their internship with us and 87 out of the 246 are already engaged in an additional, secondary internship to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their area of study. 232 students are currently enrolled in Undergraduate study programs, and 16 are already studying for their Master’s degrees. 

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The project's objective is to increase students' participation rate in the internship programs while implementing a partnership between universities and employers in Romania to facilitate the insertion of participants in the labor market after graduating from different academic programs (ISCED 6 and 7).

Project results, tutors' and students' feedback about PEX

We believe that education can flourish when provided with the right conditions. That's why we get involved in students' education, to provide the environment in which they can develop the practical skills needed for the dynamic times we live in.

IT is a constantly changing industry and through internships in Pursuing EXcellence, we are giving young people the opportunity to keep up with the latest trends in technology and deepen their know-how in the most popular programming languages.

Students at PEX - a career program and internship by NTT DATA Romania


Pursuing EXcellence: 2022 in review

2022 has been a year of many things, loaded with learning opportunities for both students and mentors.

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PEX and its benefits

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Practice certificate

Carrying out the internship in a multinational company, with 20 years of experience in the IT field, under a tutor's guidance. After the internship is completed, you will obtain a certificate of practice.

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Career counseling

Career counseling and guidance, services offered by accredited persons, to facilitate finding a job.

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Skills development

Development of technical and social skills and application of theoretical information during the internship that will facilitate easier integration into the labor market.

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Contests with prizes

Participation in contests with prizes based on a regulation that will be communicated later, each prize amounting to 2500 lei (gross value).

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Expert guidance

Keeping in touch with our experts to periodically report your situation regarding the integration in the professional sphere.

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Additional internship

The opportunity to deepen the assimilated information by carrying out an additional internship that will also be completed by obtaining a practicing certificate.

A word from our trainers and students

Ioana & Mihai

Application Management Outsourcing

Alexandra & Alexandra

Talent Acquisition Management

Horia, Andreea & Miruna

Embedded Technologies, Software Testing in the automotive industry

Horatiu & Teodora

Application Management Outsourcing

Horia & Renata

Java development

Lavinia & Aura

Clarvision ERP Application


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