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With proven expertise and a cutting-edge cybersecurity portfolio, NTT DATA serves as your trusted advisor, guiding your business toward secure transformation.

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Secure Adaptive Workforce

NTT DATA has innovative security experts and cutting-edge technologies at our disposal. We offer a comprehensive range of services encompassing strategy and technical consulting, security measure implementation, and managed security services.

We provide security solutions that align with your business goals and meet your cost and regulatory requirements by leveraging our considerable experience working for clients in all industries. We bring together our strategic network of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and delivery centers and substantial R&D resources to aid your goals.

Secure Your Business Against Cyber Threats with NTT DATA

Cyber threats are increasing in frequency and potency, and without a specialized team at the helm of your digital security, your network is at risk of being breached. NTT DATA offers strategy consulting, managed cybersecurity services and cybersecurity solutions, as well as technology consulting services, and we implement pioneering solutions for your business to run smoothly.

Our information specialists and out-of-the-box thinkers are trained to intercept and counter both known and unknown threats in order to protect your data and maintain business continuity.

We blend cutting-edge technologies like AI and link data with vast industry knowledge, to design innovative security architectures that protect your network and application development processes.

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Managed Cybersecurity Services

NTT DATA offers cybersecurity operations and proactively addresses threats to your network and managed security services.


Application Security

Combine technical consulting and application testing elements to enhance the life cycle and security posture of applications.


Network Security

Design processes and leverage services and technology for network, IoT and OT endpoints to improve security posture.


Cloud Security

Leverage security frameworks, data protection and security infrastructure for success, no matter where you are.


Cyber Defense

Adopt a robust cyber protection program and continue operating your business in a secure digital environment using our cybersecurity services.


Identity and Access Management

Secure business transformation through digital identity management. Ensure proper access to resources.


Vulnerabilities Assessment Service

We continuously scan the customer’s assets to identify where the vulnerabilities and assess the potential impact if they became threats.


Incident Report and Remediation

Minimize the impact and expenses of an incident, and efficiently protect your data to prevent future attacks.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

We gather data across the global landscape of potential cyber threats, existing and emerging threats and cybercrime actors, using state-of-the-art tools and methods.


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