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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At NTT DATA Romania we believe that our strength lies in celebrating the uniqueness of each of our team members.

Our DEI Mission

Bringing into the spotlight Diversity, Equity and Inclusion not only aligns with ethical principles. It remains the sole path to guarantee adaptability in our dynamic world.

We are constantly committed to cultivate an environment where our diverse team members experience a sense of belonging and psychological safety every day.

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Beyond mere words, diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to our emotions, daily experiences, and relationship building. It is our responsibility to normalize them and raise awareness of these topics.

DEI NTT DATA Romania 2024

Timeea Marin
Head of DEI

Diversity Equity and Inclusion at NTT DATA Romania

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

NTT DATA Corporation's message to ensure equal opportunities in the company.

Download the policy here

Creating inclusion together

At NTT DATA, we believe that the true strength of our company lies in the diversity and uniqueness of each of employee.  

For this reason, this International Women's Day, we celebrate the uniqueness that each woman brings to our team, and we commit to continue reducing the gender gap together, in every corner of the world where we operate.

International Women's Day Initiatives
Women in tech

Promoting DEI

Equity & Dignity

We believe that every individual deserves fair and honorable treatment.


We understand that diverse abilities contribute to the success of a team.


We recognize that life extends beyond the workplace, and we respect this reality.

Gender Diversity

We know that gender diversity brings together varied perspectives and thus fuels creativity.


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