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Technology is only as good as the people behind it.

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At NTT DATA, we believe that the true strength of our company lies in the diversity and uniqueness of each of employee. During March, we would like to highlight the diversity and singularity of our women. For this reason, this International Women's Day, we celebrate the uniqueness that each woman brings to our team, and we commit to continue reducing the gender gap together, in every corner of the world where we operate.

As a company, our aim has long been to create an environment where everyone can maximize their potential. NTT DATA Romania has been at the forefront of gender equality for a very long time. The collaborative management has further spurred gender balance in the past years, giving women in our company the chance to bring their unique skills and different ways of thinking to the top table. Our gender ratio has been hovering around 45% female and 55% male throughout the past 10 years.

Gender balance not only makes us more resilient, but also gives us the ability to continually reinvent ourselves. We’re also more innovative because we’re generating highly diverse ideas, and our decision-making is better because it’s more inclusive. Moreover, it’s been empowering for women in the company to have other women in leadership positions, inspiring them to achieve great things and bring their best selves to work.

Technology is only as good as the people behind it. Meet some of our talented women!

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Luisa Brădușcă

Team Manager

As coordinator of tech initiatives within the Application Software Engineering department, one of my priorities has been to build a great team of ambassadors and speakers. Together, we facilitated technological exchange through +11 engaging tech talks and debates in 2023.

Luisa Bradusca

Andreea Pavel

Software Engineer Specialist

In a rewarding five-year journey, I developed software that improved vehicle brakes and head-up displays in five impactful projects, advancing Automotive technology.

Andreea Pavel

Cristina Teodorescu

AMO Consultant

We provide tech support to a leading Automotive client and contribute to their success by upholding the highest-quality standards. Being part of such a large and important project not only develops my technical skills, but also broadens my professional horizons. 

Cristina Teodorescu

Miruna Moise

Marketing Automation Specialist

As a member of the digital marketing team, I effectively managed web and email experiences for +50 campaigns, leveraging technology to drive brand awareness, demand, and conversions for both candidates and clients.

Marketing Automation Specialist

Sânziana Calotă

QA Manager

Nearly a decade at NTT DATA Romania allowed me to constantly evolve — from developer, consultant, Business Analyst, Product Owner, to Team Manager. Together with an international team, last year we contributed to the approval and management of 77 pharmaceutical products in 30 countries, increasing patient access to treatments.

Sanziana Calota