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Tue, 31 October 2017

1508 talents, voices, special people, in a world of digitization.

The NTT DATA Romania generation is represented by you, 1508 winners who mark the Romanian IT industry’s future and inspire our company every single day. You, who believe in the company and set the foundation for a successful trajectory.

EBS Romania was founded in 2000. In 2013 we were collaborating with approximately 600 people. In 2013 we became NTT DATA Romania and part of the internationally renowned IT Nippon corporation, NTT.

Today, our team passed a new threshold, overcoming 1500 colleagues. Last year, we organized 3773 interviews for recruiting and staffing and managed to do 525 hires. 

This year, our team overcomes any barrier. Together we are the NTT DATA Romania generation, and YOU are the future!

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