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Tue, 20 February 2018

NTT DATA Romania CSR Report 2017

Every year NTT DATA Romania releases the CSR Report (Corporate Social Responsibility).
The report contains the message from the CEO, our CSR policy and the activities we were engaged in during 2017, in areas such as: Education, Environment, Sport, Social, Culture and Health.

Message from Daniel Metz - CEO NTT DATA Romania 
"Performance transformed into excellence, professionalism and responsibility transformed into a sustainable development, all under the sign of quality are characterizing NTT DATA Romania."

View our report here.

Our involvement in all the community spheres in which we operate, opens opportunities and new perspectives for the future, an interconnected Future, based on solid principles and values that also build a favorable environment for performance.

Our efforts come as a natural response to our intrinsically desire to inspire and help create a platform of local, regional and national excellence.
We are promoting diversity and we are part of it, we love both the technological sphere and the artistic, sporting or cultural sphere, we believe that each of them represents an essential ingredient for the development of a strong and performing community.

Our involvement has a double impact:it gives us the opportunity to impart our vision based on constant innovation to the community,but at the same time we have the opportunity to learn valuable things from it.
We can speak of an almost symbiotic relationship, inclined towards the welfare, performance and the common goal of improving ourselves and the community in which we operate.

“You are the Future”, our new motto has deep roots in everything we have developed so far and what we will develop in the future. It means to believe in people, to promote performance regardless of its sphere, to create new perspectives and contexts for interdisciplinary development. We and the community in which we operate are the future, each of us by reaching and perfecting the performance, we represent the future and create a better tomorrow.

View our report here.

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