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Fri, 16 February 2018

NTT DATA Romania in 2017: Record turnover of 53,4 mil. EUR

NTT DATA Romania recorded in 2017, a turnover of 53,4 mil. EUR, an increase of 46,25% compared with the previous year.

The rising trend of growth recorded in 2016 (revenue growth of cca 49%) continued in 2017. The local market played an important role, as NTT DATA Romania achieved a 62% increase in revenues. Following constant investments for astainable and long-term development of the local market, the share of revenues on the national market reached 27% of the total turnover.  

If, in the past, NTT DATA Romania focused especially on medium-sized companies, since last year, the offer of products and services has been extended towards large companies. Amongst our new customers gained on the local market last year, we mention: BRD, ENEL, E.ON, Allianz, McDonald's Romania, Federal Mogul, Regina Maria, EVW, Eximtur, Agricover, NOD etc.

An outstanding dynamic has been gained through the implementation of SAP solutions in the large customer area, but also through the implementation of our own suite of solutions, Clarvision ERP, for middle sized clients.

In the context of positioning the company as a solutions integrator, strategic partnerships with: IBM, HP, CISCO, DELL/EMC and Fujitsu have been made.

The external markets remain the major source of opportunities.

In 2017, projects in the car manufacturing industry have been expanded. The initiatives for developing new models for autonomous driving cars, but also the preparation trend of phasing out internal combustion engines, have led to the emergence of a new wave of demanding projects, requiring high skills both in terms of informatics technologies, as well as in the business process expertise.

A significant upward trend has been noticed in the development of projects for the financial, banking and insurance sectors. The extensive digitalization processes of the interaction with the market, generated a significant number of innovative projects, a trend that enabled NTT DATA Romania to develop specific competences, thus entering into an attractive market with a lot of potential in the years to come.

The current fiscal year ending March 31st, will bring total revenues of over €57 Mil.

“The positive trend of accentuated growth recorded over the past two years was based on significant investments in the expansion of technical skills, but especially of the NTT DATA Romania’s team business process. Only by addressing projects with high complexity and consequently with significant added value we can ensure a durable and sustainable development, not only for our company, but for the Romanian IT Industry overall.” said Daniel Metz, CEO, NTT DATA Romania.

For the next fiscal year, NTT DATA Romania estimates a turnover of 70 Mil. EUR.

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