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Assistance Systems for Economic Decisions (ASED / SADE)

Created as a bridge between IT graduates and the real business environment, the Assistance Systems for Economic Decisions study program aims to develop your analytical skills and to help you acquire knowledge in Business Intelligence (BI) and related fields.

The program puts an emphasis on teamwork skills, allowing you to better integrate into organizations that use modern methods of project management. The program is taught in Romanian.

Content & structure

With disciplines ranging from Business Process Modelling, Advanced Programming Environments, Tech Project Management, Knowledge Management, Distributed Systems, Computer Systems Engineering and Intelligent Computational Methods, this study program is anchored in the realities of the current business environment and gives you the opportunity to also practice what you study, validating the applicability component and familiarizing you with the specificities of the IT business. 

Skills & competencies

You will be able to identify opportunities related to BI and you will acquire useful skills in applying analytical solutions to solve business problems and create sustainable value. Competencies are targeting specific aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), analytics and expert systems, but also team communication (with managers, analysts, programmers, etc.). Therefore, you will be able to identify the roles and responsibilities in a team, you will learn how to build good relationships and drive efficiency in assisting economic decisions. 

Employment prospects

As a graduate of this study program you will be trained to hold specific positions in IT organizations, including management: team leader, project manager or consultant. You may consider applying for the following job titles: Business Intelligence Expert, Big Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Database Expert, Software / System Architect, Software Engineer. The program collaborates with over 40 IT companies both from Romania and abroad, with an insertion rate on the labor market of almost 100%. 


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