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GlobeTrotters Contest Policy

Dear colleagues,

The most beloved competition is back! 😎 

If you’re on vacation anytime between 18 of July – 19 of September, take pictures with the Globetrotters stickers that we exclusively created for this competition.

You can pick up your stickers from the Office locations in each of our branches. 
What`s next? When in holiday upload your best photos on Instagram and/or Facebook and use #NTTDATAtravel as hashtag. 
The contest will run each week starting Monday, 13:00, until Sunday, 23:59. Each week we will have a new awesome prize. First contest week starts on 18 of July until 25 of July. 

1. Take a photo or video with a maximum duration of 15 sec. containing the Globetrotters NTT DATA Romania sticker
2. Post it publicly on your personal Instagram or Facebook account, with the hashtag #NTTDATAtravel and tag to the @NTT DATA Romania account.

The winners will be nominated every Monday at 13:00, by the vote of a jury whose members are: Alex Ricobon, Alexandra Tugui-Rusu, and Stefania Motoasca.
Curious on the prizes? Well.. curiosity killed the cat! Okay-okay, I will share the secret. 

1st Week: Professional Hammock
 ...more to come

Let your imagination go wild and take the most creative photos! Get a dose of inspiration from the previous #Globetrotters competition here.

By participating in this contest you agree that we collect, use and share your images on the company’s social networks.

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