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Public Services

ClujID: your digital security key for City Hall services

Easier and safer access to administrative procedures with the help of technology.

Safer and faster digital access to services for Cluj-Napoca citizens

ClujID encompasses the next generation of secured authentication and identity validation platform and protocol, as an add-on to existing authentication web services, where robust and reliable users' identity validation, alongside with the privacy protection (GDPR) are mandatory. 


Top benefits

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Tailored for Cluj-Napoca residents

With ClujID residents can create and store their credentials, and to allow trusted access to it to the City Hall and/ or other institutions in order to be able to receive safe, digital, automated and integrated public services in a self-controlled manner.

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Biometric authentication

In cloud-based systems, sensitive data remains encrypted at all times, with no plaintext storage. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processes never retain data. Authentication methods are fortified with real-time facial recognition and liveness detection, minimizing identity theft risks. 

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Privacy Protection

ClujID follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy-by-design principles, the approach strengthens compliance by implementing data minimization strategies and strictly utilizing trusted attributes.

What does ClujID do?

Interoperability of Data governance, Biometric authentication, Advanced cryptography, Al and Self-sovereign identity provide a generic solution with the main goal to: 


Automate the process of user onboarding and reduce the friction of existing sign-up and account activation 

Simplify the trusted access to City Hall services in a self-controlled manner, using a more secure and privacy-friendly authentication protocol 

Eliminate continuous certification processes for accessing public services 

Support the national authentication system (ROeID) as Secured Identity Provider 


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