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Green Your Future

Conference Insights: Sustainability is the red thread guiding our business

Green Your Future

What makes an IT company sustainable and what does it give back to its employees? Our colleague, Dragoș Cățoiu, VP, Head of Direct Business, recently shared these insights at the Green Your Future” conference. The conference advocates for conscious and actionable initiatives in our lives, where businesses and leaders from various lines of work explored sustainable and innovative solutions.

Dragos Catoiu Team

Walking the talk – we are committed to a sustainable future

At NTT DATA, we are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to build a better society through our initiatives. Our company focuses on 9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and our strategy encompasses key areas such as circular economy, the journey towards Net Zero, economic growth, quality education, diversity, equity and inclusion, social commitment, ethical AI and ensuring transparency and information security.

Sustainability Infographic NTT DATA

NTT DATA Romania is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, ISO 14064 and has been recertified as a Top Employer in 2024 by the prestigious Top Employers Institute.

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint and maximise our social and business results through a wide range of measures and practices:

Environmental dimension

We understand the impact of our business on the environment. This is why we measure the generated emissions, analyse their causes and take steps to reduce them. Our committment is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

  • Our green procurement policy means we work with providers that prioritise sustainability.
  • Using energy-efficient, green IT equipment.
  • Running campaigns to instill sustainable practices among employees, including the Digital Clean-Up campaign to delete unused, archived, or old emails and documents, thus freeing up server space.
  • Minimizing business travel by utilising online meetings whenever possible, and promoting the use of public transportation.
  • Transitioning to paperless offices by implementing electronic signatures for all employees.
  • Maximizing utility efficiency and creating designated recycling spaces.

Social dimension

We care about our local communities and people, which is why we play an active role locally and strive to make digital access easier for many people. We work hard to offer an excellent work environment, better education, facilitate digital inclusion, diversity, as well as to cultivate equity, ethics and transparency.

  • Our community involvement spans initiatives such as donating unused IT equipment, providing meals to the needy, or planting trees.
  • Digital Accessibility – we are teaching students and pupils in Romania how to navigate the online environment responsibly and safely. We are also proud of our mentors that frequently participate in programs such as Code Dojo and various Hackathons.
  • Charity Marathons: hundreds of colleagues participate annually in charity marathons across Romania and Serbia
  • eAwards 2022 and 2023 – this prestigious global competition is organised by NTT DATA Foundation and awards socially innovative projects. Two Romanian start-ups made it to the finals in Spain in both editions!

Economic dimension

We are committed to building a sustainable future by delivering green, smart services and solutions, fostering innovation, and advocating for responsible use of technology.

  • As a group, NTT has crafted solutions that protect the environment and help mitigate climate change. We support ground-breaking projects, such as the creation of the world's first Smart Rainforest in collaboration with ClimateForce, or initiatives such as MeetZero and C-Turtle.
  • We back smart cities and territories. For example, the Cluj ID project aims to simplify and secure access to administrative processes through facial recognition.
  • Our services and products drive digital transformation, as well as promote sustainable resources and data management – exemplified by our industrial innovations: Clarvision™ MES, MSAP and SAP™.
  • We're actively engaged in Horizon innovation projects, working to reduce carbon emissions by optimising multi-modal public transportation with technology or streamlining industrial processes with innovative technologies.
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