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Thu, 15 February 2024

Supporting Education in Africa, with Timeea Marin, Head of DEI, NTT DATA Romania

Timeea Marin, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Account Manager in the Intercompany Business Line, is known for her passion for playing ice hockey and her love for experiencing cultures around the globe. Her commitment and enthusiasm shine through, making her a valuable team member, with 12 years of experience at NTT DATA Romania in Brasov.

Can you briefly share with us what you do at 
NTT DATA Romania?

I am working on two “fronts” – as an Account Manager in the Business Line, and as Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. The first one gives me the opportunity to keep a connection to the business world, the second one give me ‘the kick’, to transpose my values and beliefs in my professional daily life.


What beats fuel your passion outside of work, and how do they harmonize with the professional "bytes" you deal with?

My first big passion remains playing ice hockey. However, due to personal reasons I am now back on ice only as a skater.

My second and most important passion at this time is supporting the learners and teachers of a school in Kenya – I have started an NGO for this cause.

These two passions have many things in common with my job – they need energy, intuitiveness, hard work, emotional triggers, and discipline.

Tell us more about your beats and how can others join you.

You can check the YOUng Steps Kenya website and join us. Support is extra valuable. The reality in many countries in Africa is very different from everything we know. You must experience it to truly understand it 😊.
For all others – you can find me on the ice rink on weekend mornings during winter.

What's that one thing, whether a routine or a mindset, that motivates you and sets the tone for your day?

Wake up, get dressed, walk to work, use the walking time to set your tasks and priorities for the day.

If you could drop a byte-sized advice and add a beat of encouragement for your colleagues, for that work life balance dream, what would it be based on your own experiences?

Choose an idea to guide your life and live by it. Mine comes from Maya Angelou 

If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.

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