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Thu, 12 May 2022

Optimising production and payroll processes with Clarvision

We helped Taparo, a leading furniture manufacturer in Romania, achieve new heights by optimising their production and payroll processes with Clarvision.

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Industry solution: Clarvision ERP & Clarvision Payroll

About our client

Taparo is a leading furniture manufacturer and exporter based in Romania and a key supplier for IKEA and JYSK. The company has grown to 4 factories in 15 years and has a production capacity of over 100,000 squared meters.

Business Challenge

Employees 1,700 Production Capacity 4 factories With a growing business from year-to-year, Taparo saw an increase in challenges related to work automation, accounting paperwork and errors in delivery. While expanding its production capacity, the lack of stock accuracy had caused Taparo major problems in product management and product delivery. Moreover, as the data was stored on paper, Taparo employees encountered challenges in checking everything on time and preparing useful reports.

Our Solution

To help Taparo optimise their production management, our consultants recommended the implementation of Clarvision ERP solutions, as being the best solution dedicated to their needs. Clarvision ERP represents an efficient tool for modern resource planning and production management, and the Payroll module is an accessible and flexible extension for managing the entire payroll process and human resources within the company. To save time and lower the cost for the entire the organisation, we recommended areas of improvement either by automating the manual work through software or by redesigning workflows. In accounting, we set-up automatic budget management and specific financial reporting, meanwhile in Production Management we installed a barcode app for the reception, transfer and delivery.


  • Number of payroll errors were reduced from 40-50/month to 2-3/month.
  • FIFO Management on locations. 
  • 5 times less canceled orders.
  • Freeing resources: cut the effort spent on manual registration.  Discrepancies on truck loading from 18-20 to 0.

"I deeply appreciate this way of doing business and I will continue to recommend the Clarvision team and their expertise."

General Manager Taparo

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