NTT DATA announces Maria Metz, the new CEO of NTT DATA Romania effective May 1st, 2021 | NTT DATA

Tue, 27 April 2021

NTT DATA announces Maria Metz, the new CEO of NTT DATA Romania effective May 1st, 2021

Cluj-Napoca, April 27, 2021 – NTT DATA a global digital business and IT services leader, announces today the appointment of Maria Metz as Chief Executive Officer for NTT DATA Romania, starting May 1st, 2021. Maria Metz will also assume the role of member of the Board of Directors, and will take on the responsibilities currently held by Dr. Daniel Metz.

Maria Metz has been working in the IT&C industry for over 20 years, ever since the company was established. Throughout her career at NTT DATA Romania, she has actively contributed to building relevant structures and shaping the specific business processes by developing and integrating markets and portfolios to meet the constantly changing requirements. Maria has a collaborative leadership style, is a proponent of the constant transformation defining an agile organization, and upholds the importance of people in a digital world.

I am honored by the trust invested in me by the shareholders; I believe in teamwork, in a job well done, and that a human-oriented vision is the foundation for the company's constant evolution.

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Maria Metz CEO NTT DATA Romania

“Ever since the establishment of the company, I defined our vision and path for the future, and created an environment to support the development of each member of the team; I have taken on a pioneering role in outsourcing services, and shortly afterwards we established ourselves as one of the leading players in this industry in Romania, with an exceptional management team and a high-performing organization. One of the responsibilities of a leader is to hand over the reins at the appropriate time. After 20 years of leading the organization, I am confident that Maria, alongside the management team, is ready to lead the company to the next level in these uncommon circumstances.

This is a generation of managers with whom I have worked closely and who have grown here, in the company. It is a young and agile team, ready to take on any challenge. I have always believed in the potential of our company’s youth and I am an advocate for inclusion and diversity. I am delighted to see that we have a management team in which women play many key roles, a rare occurrence in our industry. I will stay by the team’s side in my new role as Chairman of the Board of Directors, while also dedicating my time to the academic projects in which I’m involved.” Dr. Daniel Metz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, NTT DATA Romania

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