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Mon, 12 June 2023

NTT DATA Reinforces B2B Advisory Service for Blockchain, Digital Twin and Quantum Computing

A Global Lab has been created to strengthen NTT DATA's capabilities to support companies in the digitization process from technology identification to system implementation

The goal is to expand the headcount to 500 on the project by 2025

Blockchain, Digital Twin and Quantum Computing - Global Lab

TOKYO, 19 May 2023 - NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, has created a Global Lab to strengthen its operations in the areas of Blockchain, Digital Twin, and Quantum Computing. The objective of the lab is to support all the company to provide consulting services to clients and introduce them to these technologies.

The Lab currently consists of 150 people worldwide and it is going to employ 500 people by 2025. Depending on the type of project, a team will be selected within NTT DATA, including advanced engineers, consultants, technicians, and designers.

The new lab is a key part of NTT DATA to provide a full range of services from the technology proposal needed to achieve the goal, to the specific application method, up to the implementation of the system. The study and choice of technologies are aimed at identifying customer challenges and the best solutions to achieve the companies' goals.

The presentation of business challenges and analysis of the applicability of each technology are the first objectives of the Lab. After this first phase, the best combination of solutions for the challenges required by the company will be selected in order to develop prototypes systems that emulates the application scenario. Based on each application case, an assessment will be conducted to better understand its use and characteristics and proceed with implementation in a real company.

Throughout the process, the Lab will conduct a series of workshops covering a wide range of topics, with the goal of understanding the characteristics of each technology and more accurately training the engineers needed for implementation.

More specifically, examples of applications in the Blockchain area involve the release of NFTs for in-house products. As for the Digital Twin area, the Lab aims to ensure operational efficiency through remote maintenance operations. In the Quantum Computing technology area, on the other hand, the benefits of the Lab will focus on shift optimization in workforce planning, financial transaction portfolio and route optimization in logistics.


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