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Tue, 17 January 2023 - 5 min

NTT DATA Romania Achieves the Top Employer 2023 Certification and Doubles the Certifications Obtained at International Level

• The IT services company has been certified by the Top Employers Institute for the first time in 2022, thanks to its hybrid and flexible work policies, its commitment to diversity and inclusion and its models for attracting and retaining talent.
• Certification in the 12 countries has led to regional seals for Europe, Latin America, and North America.

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Cluj-Napoca, January 17th, 2023 - NTT DATA, a provider of IT and business services, has been certified by the Top Employers Institute in 12 countries, doubling the number of countries obtaining this certification. Thus, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Italy and Portugal are joined by Argentina, Belgium, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Romania, in recognition of excellence in the professional environment of companies, and the endorsement of good practices and policies in human resources.


The increase in the number of certified nations has resulted in regional seals being obtained for Europe, Latin America, and North America. Obtaining these regional seals is fundamental for NTT DATA to achieve its goal of obtaining the global seal for the following year.


To achieve certifications for all of them, the company has relied on the already recognized nations to lend their collaboration to the eligible countries during this year, thus demonstrating the importance of collaborative and teamwork among the countries in which NTT DATA is located.


"At NTT DATA we believe in people and their potential. Work on building a hybrid and flexible work environment that encourages collaboration and where people can trace their own professional evolution, participating in innovative and diverse projects, and most importantly surrounded by excellent professionals with a high human quality”. says Flora G. Mesa, Global Head of People at NTT DATA Europe & LATAM.


Top Employer Certification

The Top Employer certification, which has been awarded for more than 30 years, aims to give visibility to best practices in human resources in companies around the world. On this occasion, NTT DATA Romania has obtained an exceptionally high score in the areas of People Strategy, Work Environment, Ethics and Integrity.


Through this achievement, NTT DATA solidifies its position among the best employers, thanks to the implementation of hybrid and flexible work policies that meet the needs of each person; a commitment to diversity and inclusion; its models for attracting and retaining talent; the way in which it supports and onboards new recruits; and the alignment of HR strategy with business strategy.


These initiatives, which impact more than 2000 people who are part of NTT DATA Romania, speak to a company culture that puts employees at the center of its strategy and decision making.


In short, this is a commitment to people, which places NTT DATA in a scenario that ensures its growth, offering unique opportunities to all talent at any level and providing value and innovation to each of the customers who trust in the company, with the aim of scaling them towards a more efficient and viable operating model, always supported by technology.


"With the passage of time, various variables have changed, but we have managed to keep our essence: the interest in the human component. This undoubtedly reflects the appreciation we enjoy as an employer, which is shaped by the individual and collective experience of all those who have chosen us as career partners. The human ecosystem we cultivate within the company, founded on values that focus on the collegial environment, has proven to be the basis of all our achievements over the years." says Maria Metz, CEO, NTT DATA Romania


Foto Maria Metz


The Top Employer certification is awarded following a rigorous audit process of the company's organisational framework. The employer's HR practices are analysed, based on 20 assessment criteria, structured in 6 categories. These include the HR management strategy, the working environment, the recruitment process and the development opportunities offered to employees.


"The Top Employer seal represents the highest quality standard you can achieve in the area of HR and leadership processes.  It has been a journey and we have learned a lot about who we are today and which areas need for improvement. Today we are celebrating a moment of achievement and on this occasion, I would like to thank our colleagues for being with us on this journey. We have made a commitment to each and every one of them and we promise to deliver on it, keeping a constant focus on innovation and meeting real needs." says Adela Negru, Chief Human Resources Officer, NTT DATA Romania.


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