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NTT DATA Sustainability Report 2023 for Europe & LATAM unveiled

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• During FY22, 76% of the electricity used was renewable. Portugal is the first country within the region to become Net Zero at EMEAL level.
• Talent turnover decreased almost by 5% and employee job satisfaction increases to 82%.
• Women percentage in total representation increased by 4% at the executive level (surpassing 24%); and by 2% in the workforce (31.48%).
• The company provided over 900,000 hours of talent training (6.7 training courses per employee) with €25m of investment.

CLUJ-NAPOCA - 23 September 2023 – Today, NTT DATA has unveiled its latest Sustainability Report, showcasing the significant strides achieved by the company in the fiscal year 2022 towards its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives at the EMEAL level. Within its dedication to fostering a better world through a more diverse talent and responsible technology, NTT DATA's Sustainability strategy targets center around key priorities identified by its stakeholders. These encompass critical areas including but not limited to circular economy, road to Net Zero, economic growth, quality education, diversity, equity and inclusion, social commitment, ethical artificial intelligence and the assurance of transparency and information security.

Towards carbon neutral by 2030

NTT DATA EMEAL increased 4% the use of renewable energy by up to 76% (56% with Guarantee of Origin Certificates (GoO) and 20% from mixed grid). This action taken by the company translates into a 3,000 tCO2e reduction.

Towards its goal of carbon-neutral activity by 2030, Portugal was the first market to make a major improvement, turning into the first country in the region to become Net Zero, offsetting all of its emissions in FY21 (146 tCO2e), through reforestation projects. Portugal, Switzerland, and Luxembourg have used 100% GoO renewable electricity; and 4 more countries have joined the purchase of renewable energy by GoO (Luxembourg, UK, Belgium, and Switzerland). On the other hand, 51% of the company´s floor space (m2) is certified as a sustainable building. 14 LEED offices (Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru), 3 BREEAM offices (Spain and Romania), and 1 WELL office (Spain).

As a result of contracting suppliers offering low-carbon transportation services, a total of 203 tCO2e have been offset from business travel (highlighting the milestone that DACH has offset 14% of its total emissions) in FY22.

The company's dedication to addressing climate change and ecosystem degradation has spurred the initiation of numerous impactful endeavors. These include the "Sustainable Digital Cleanup," an initiative aimed at promoting responsible technology use and mitigating the substantial digital waste produced daily as part of our business activity. This effort resulted in the deletion of 3,021 GB of data and the elimination of 755 kg of CO2. Another venture, Cloud Academy, which elevates the commercial and business discourse with the customer generating new opportunities and projects while contributing significantly to the Road to Net Zero strategy, had nearly 3,000 participants in the training courses. Furthermore, NTT DATA has actively engaged in volunteer programs, encompassing activities like forest reforestation and beach cleaning, in line with its commitment to making a positive environmental impact.

Committed to economic growth and social well-being

One of the pivotal objectives for NTT DATA is to expedite digital education, with a main objective on attracting and nurturing its most prized resource - its talent. In pursuit of this, the company has dedicated €25 million to fund over 900,000 hours of talent development, translating to an impressive average of 6.7 training courses per employee.

On the other hand, and thanks to NTT DATA´s initiatives to diverse talent such as Women Together, women presence was increased both in the executive level (by 4%, surpassing 24%) and in the workforce by 2% (31,48%), in a market, such as the IT industry, where the share of women working is very low.

Also, in the annual internal research the company undertakes to hear its people opinion, 82% of employees showed a high job satisfaction, which led to a reduction in talent turnover by 4.6%.

Moreover, the company´s contributed to society through the Teaming Foundation, which achieved a raising of €8.7M to social causes this year; the NTT DATA Europe & Latam Foundation, in whose Technology Olympics participated over 1,600 people; and The Blue Wave, which is the online platform for managing NTT DATA EMEAL's volunteer activities. 10% of employees were involved in corporate volunteering activities in FY22.

Ethical Artificial Intelligence

NTT DATA is firmly committed to the development of a methodology to avoid discriminatory bias through trusted, adaptable, relevant, and useful AI solutions, and to that end runs its Responsible and Inclusive Artificial Intelligence LabS. This year it has developed a new deliverable: ‘Labs Responsible and Inclusive AI: Triple E - Ethics + Explainability + Equity ’.

During FY22 NTT DATA EMEAL obtained new Certifications: Carbon Footprint 2022 (increase of surface area by 23%, and new country - Greece); ECOVADIS, improvement of scoring from 57 to 60%; contribution to NTT DATA Group for improvement of CDP scoring from A- to A; improvement of DJSI scoring from 75 to 84%; inclusion of Jequitibá Towers in the environmental management system (ISO 14001).

David Costa, EMEAL Chief Sustainability Officer at NTT DATA said: “we are strongly commitment to promoting the use and development of technological solutions that reduce climate effects; expedite digital education to accelerate economic growth and create a more diverse and inclusive world; as well as promoting the responsible use of AI, security, data privacy and ethical information management for all our stakeholders. This Sustainability Report shows the progress we are making in our ESG roadmap towards 2030 ”.

 NTT DATA's positive impact on Sustainable Development Goals

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NTT DATA Sustainability Report 2023

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NTT DATA EMEAL Sustainability Report

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