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Thu, 13 April 2023

NTT DATA to Unleash the Potential of Microsoft Azure Open AI Services 

NTT DATA to announce the successful implementation of Microsoft Azure Open AI at Almirall, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

NTT DATA to unleash the potential of Microsoft Azure Open AI Services at Almirall

Cluj-Napoca and Madrid, 12 April 2023 - Open AI is rapidly gaining popularity and presents a transformative opportunity for companies in various industries. However, the challenge lies in properly applying it to improve processes, increase efficiency and enhance customer experience. NTT DATA, in collaboration with Microsoft, is developing platforms to allow organizations to leverage the full potential of Azure OpenAI Service in real applications.

NTT DATA’s automation platform, NTT DATA Coding, has integrated Azure OpenAI Service from Microsoft to provide a unique combination of artificial intelligence and expert knowledge in application modernization, development, and maintenance. The platform includes specific functionalities that facilitate source code pre-processing, AI model training, and code transformation based on specific architectures and development frameworks. By merging functionalities with a knowledge base of successfully implemented use cases, NTT DATA Coding streamlines the modernization process and enhances productivity to ensure a high ROI.

Helping Almirall in their question answering (QA) on medical papers

In the pharmaceutical industry, reviewing medical papers and extracting relevant information is a time-consuming task that can lead to human errors. NTT DATA, using Azure OpenAI Service, rapidly developed a question-answering and semantic search engine for Almirall. The solution automates information extraction, answers questions, and populates a spreadsheet with necessary data. By pre-processing, indexing, and retrieving information from real-world evidence papers, the search engine enables users to retrieve information quickly and accurately by asking scientific questions. Model responses have an accuracy rate of over 90% in providing answers, Almirall can streamline research, positioning themselves as a more mature and advanced industry player. NTT DATA is proud to help Almirall achieve their goals and will continue to support organizations in leveraging the full potential of Azure OpenAI Service.

It’s no news that AI represents a paradigm shift in the market right now, and we see generative AI models from Microsoft Azure Open AI Service' will help companies in any industry and across a wide range of use cases. The project recently developed by NTT DATA with Almirall shows our capabilities to adapt the platform to the reality and uniqueness of any customer.

David Pereira, Head of Data & Intelligence at NTT DATA NTT DATA

The challenge for organizations lies in their proper application to obtain a clear improvement of their processes and operations, increasing efficiency and, above all, benefiting the business and customer experience. And NTT DATA’s platform can address them tailoring the solution on the needs.

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