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Building a Digital Future: Emergent AI Trends

NTT DATA is pleased to offer you this complimentary copy of the latest Gartner® report on AI and how effective use of AI and machine learning will help you target competitive advantage fast.

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Gartner® presents a range of essential insights in this report, identifying five areas of priority interest and suggesting practical steps enterprises can take to accelerate and derisk their take-up of AI. As its first step, Gartner® proposes that you need to: 

“Democratize AI within the organization by harnessing augmented analytics tools and through focused training and hands-on lab experiences for business analysts and developers.”

With four other strategic recommendations, and supporting detail for them all, the report gives you vital insights for a topic that has critical importance for business competitiveness in virtually every industry sector. Access to this report will help you plan and execute on your AI strategy faster and more effectively than before.  

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