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Tue, 23 August 2016

Embedded - 1 Year Retrospective

August 2015- August 2016

It has been a year since NTT DATA Romania went active on the embedded market (nationally and internationally).We had a certain objective in mind which was diversifying the skills and clients portfolio, and also the industries served up at that time. Irina Muresan (Business Development & Sales), Loredana Gansca (Lead generation) and Marius Muresan (Presales), set up the main core that was thrown in this battle at that time and whom I want to thank for their efforts.  Briefly, the end of August 2015 compared with August 2016 is represented as follows:
  • Number of colleagues: from 80 to 156;
  • Number of clients: from 1 to 5;
  • Staffing in national locations: Cluj >>> Cluj, Brasov, Bucharest, Sibiu, Timisoara
  • Staffing in international locations: Romania >>> Serbia (Novi Sad)
  • Industries: Automotive >>> Automotive and Energy
  • Management Team: 3 >>>11
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Units: 2 >>> 4
A parallel objective was essential to increase the seniority of the team. This happened and has a significant on the quality of services delivered and on the fluctuation level. 
In terms of sales, our strategy by the end of 2016 is to add to our portfolio another industry, win minimum 3 new customers and strengthen our visibility as embedded service provider. Thanks to all the colleagues who work in the embedded area, ensuring the smooth running of our activity in delivery and back office. Without excellent references of their work, the sales activity would be greatly hampered. Maria Metz Senior Vice President NTT DATA Romania

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