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Wed, 28 September 2016

Highly modern new workplace for NTT DATA Romania

NTT DATA Romania is expanding by entering a brand new and highly modern workspace. 9000 square meters in the city center, near the current headquarters of EBS Tower make room for a larger, better, NTT DATA team.

The investment is estimated around 1.5 Mil. Euro. The second "tower" will be connected to the existing EBS Tower, therefore enabling a workspace for a number of 1,000 additional colleagues for NTT DATA Romania. On the 13th floor, the design of the space will be aligned to the newest trends, taking into account the psychology of the IT workforce, containing creative spaces, standing desks and spaces for meetings or relaxation, in order to give colleagues a variety of choices based on their preferences, including areas meant to provide a feeling of working from home. NTT DATA Romania will set up specialized rooms for conducting events important to our community, such as IT conferences, congresses in other domains, officials meetings, academic and educational events, business  events, events for the media and social events.  "With a variety of employees, partners, collaborators and visitors of different age groups and with different cultural backgrounds, from the Millennials’ generation to top management delegates from multinational companies or public figures, our spaces are designed adapt to the wide range of business situations we are exposed to. We consider ourselves also a teaching organization, we actively support education, therefore our building includes both ultramodern training rooms, as well as amphitheaters for various events, classrooms, professorial hall and also relaxing spaces and areas specially designed to facilitate and encourage informal communication and easy knowledge transfer, "says Daniel Metz, CEO NTT DATA Romania. NTT DATA Romania is the new identity of the former Romanian company "EBS Romania", an NTT DATA member since 2013. After 16 years of IT excellence, EBS became NTT DATA Romania this year, thus taking on a new identity, while the team format and the management attributes remained unchanged.

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