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Wed, 18 May 2016

NTT DATA – 500 new colleagues for the embedded team.

Over the next 3 years NTT DATA will recruit 500 people to work on embedded projects in Romania.

The objective of this action comes as we are aware of the fact that after only a few years of sustained work NTT DATA has added solid embedded competences to its wide area of expertise. In Romania we built this new area from the ground up starting in 2011 and here we are in 2016 with coherent plans for a durable expansion with 500 new colleagues. Furthermore the activity in this area has a national meaning for NTT DATA. If the beginning was in Cluj-Napoca with a great part of the team being located here at this time it is of utmost importance that starting with the previous year we have placed our first projects in Sibiu, Bucharest and Timisoara. It is only natural that Iasi and Brasov will follow and if these won’t be enough to cover the high demand for personnel we will even surpass our country’s borders’ - Maria Metz, Senior Vice President of NTT DATA Romania. From the embedded projects point of view NTT DATA has evolved exponentially over the past years, starting with the number of clients, project diversity but also constantly growing the number of employees. At this time there are over 40 projects underway of diverse complexities and in 2015 the fiscal value has doubled in comparison with 2014. Also the client portfolio has been widened with relevant names for the embedded area and other areas such as the energy industry thus starting its first projects outside the automotive industry. In the present there are approximately 60 open positions in NTT DATA’s embedded team, starting with architects, project managers, senior programmers but also juniors and graduates.  Embedded – a domain of the future for the IT market Being a key member of the IT segment, the development of the embedded area is strategic for the future of NTT DATA Romania. This decision is based on realities of the market in which the company activates. ‘It only takes a close look around us to realize how present this domain is in day to day life. We interact on average with 250 embedded systems each and every day, starting with laptops, gas meters, thermostats, blinders to the way watches, phones and our gym apparatus communicate with each other. Not to mention automobiles, our car’s dashboard and the way it can detect the driver’s fatigue level. Augmented reality is one of the technologies of the future for Head-Up-Displays and everything we’re doing now is only a step towards autonomous driving’, Maria Metz added. NTT DATA Romania plans to bring even more Japanese innovations to local IT market as it applies perfectly to the professional day to day life. Actions in this direction have already been initiated by the company.


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