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Wed, 31 May 2017

NTT DATA Romania at 2017-2020 Smart City National Debate

How can NTT DATA Romania support the Smart City concept?

How can NTT DATA Romania support the Smart City concept? Claudiu Petre - Vice President and Head of Business Unit, General Affairs and EU Funds at NTT DATA Romania presented punctual solutions at 2017-2020 Smart City National Debate. "We live extremely exciting times when the world and even our lives take a new dimensional contour through technology and have a direct impact on how we work, communicate and address every present challenge. We live in a world where change has become the only constant. Gartner & IDC tell us that at the end of 2009, the number of connected devices will exceed the number of individuals (controllable cameras on the phone, SmartTVs, watches, smart lights, environmental systems, cars and many more).
By 2020 more than 5 billion people will be connected to the internet and no less than 50 billion things will be interconnected

NTT DATA Romania can support Smart City with solutions such as:
  • Implementation of waste management already in Europe and Asia (volumetric sensors, NFC and RFID);
  • Intelligent parking but also control of reserved and restricted parking status (mobile reality solution);
  • Reporting of urban incidents and urban goods monitoring (Europe and North America);
  • 3D digital topography and augmented reality;
  • Promoting and encouraging citizens' collaboration in activities of community interest;
  • Digital archiving (Vatican Library).
NTT Data Romania:
  • Is a company that has currently over 1350 specialists;
  • Conducts business in over 10 types of technologies: SAP, Java, .NET, Siebel, Cobol etc;
  • Located in 6 cities in Romania (Timisoara, Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov, Buc and Iasi);
  • We want to reach 1500 people by the end of this year / and 3000 by the end of 2020;
  • Over 60 customers outside of Romania (> 74% turnover): Alliantz, BMW, Lufthansa, Bosch, Daimler, Volkswagen, Toyota;
  • Over 250 clients in Romania (> 25% turnover): Romstal Group, McDonalds Romania, Honeywell, Continental Group, Selgros, Ursus Breweries etc;
  • Develops partnerships with: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, CISCO, DELL / EMC, HP, Lenovo, CISCO, IBM etc.
  • NTT Data Romania annually invests over 550,000 EUR in education and socio-cultural activities:
  • Post-graduate professional reconversion programs;
  • Research programs with Universities based on Smart City concept in Embedded;
  • International Masters degree project with the EU;
  • Over 300 students applying for internships annually;
  • 11 types of courses supported by NTT DATA employees in Universities across the country.

NTT Data is an integral part of the NTT Inc Group -> Nippon Telegraph & Telecommunications - Japan;
  • 3rd Communications and IT Group in the World according to Size and Turnover
  • Is the world's third-largest employer, reporting 241,000 employees in 2016,
  • In no less than 907 consolidated subsidiaries (including NTT Docomo / Dimension Data / Dell services / iTelligence / Nephos, Everis, etc);
  • Present in over 87 countries and regions;
  • 3rd largest investor in Research, Development and Innovation, worldwide - with over $ 1.8 bil. annually.
Smart City is an event that presents the development needs of municipalities as well as the technological personalization offered by companies which developed innovative services and products that have already been implemented in cities inside the country and abroad.

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