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Tue, 18 August 2020

NTT DATA Romania CSR Report 2019

The report contains the message from the COO, our CSR policy and the activities we were engaged in during 2019

Message from Diana St─ânese - COO NTT DATA Romania

"Corporate Social Responsibility actions represent an annual priority for us. We invest in four strategic directions: education, sports, culture and the social environment. A great joy for us is the involvement and major interest of our colleagues for charitable projects, fundraising and humanitarian actions for society.

"All our actions, projects and all our business behavior bear the sign of sustainability. We are present in the Romanian community in the long term, so our goal is to collaborate with other organizations and companies for a long-term development of the community of which we are part. Technology has been and is an immortal subject of the future, so it is our duty to bring our contribution for a better future, for ourselves and for future generations. Our decisions are made following a careful analysis of the impact on the environment, on the communities in which we operate, on our clients and colleagues.

NTT DATA Romania is actively involved in the life of the community by participating and even initiating projects aimed at various areas of social development. Thus, education, sports, social environment and community engagement are areas of major interest for our company."

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