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Wed, 29 March 2017

NTT DATA Romania launches a new CSR Report

NTT DATA Romania is one of the few companies that releases an annual CSR Report (Corporate Social Responsibility) on the previous year. It contains the message of Daniel Metz - CEO NTT DATA Romania, policies approach for 2017 and all the activities the organization was involved in 2016.

Such an approach takes into account the complex society challenges claiming efficient solutions and long-term impact. Therefore, NTT DATA Romania choose this time to provide a further part of its identity. It is our own responsibility strategy, in the service of a community thrive as a new concept of CSR Report.

The presence of a benchmark magazine for CSR policies on both, local and national markets, is an important reference for other companies. Its mission is to emphasize, first of all, the joint efforts of a great team through the large projects it promotes, that aim to help the community to which it belongs in order to achieve sustainability. "I'm glad we are able to support the community in which we live. This approach of openness to society, is beyond the desire of transparent engagement and a way to express our gratitude to the community to which we belong, one that over the 17 years of experience gave confidence to our entire sphere of activity, "said Daniel Metz, CEO NTT DATA Romania.  On the other hand, its key concepts were based around community support strategies, clearly illustrated in this CSR Report. By this, the Report refers to the opening of the company for a multicultural community by providing the opportunity for different valuation benchmarks for both national culture and for the universal ones. Besides this the Report is about a considerable involvement in various sectors, such as education, health, environment, sports, research and innovation. To enforce this values and beliefs, NTT DATA Romania will continue to be actively involved in all the segments proposed for the current year and in the near future will support large-scale projects in the community such as the European Gymnastics Championship, but also events such as “Cluj Days”, “Innovation 2.0” or “Electric Castle Festival”, as an Official Partner. The nomination of NTT DATA Romania to "Romanian CSR Awards Gala", which will take place in Bucharest on April 5, 2017, to be awarded for its projects of social responsibility, means that through the strategies we created, the company knows how to provide to our community.  This flexibility is due to the diversity that offers a wide range containing a wellspring of innovation. Diversity management means, eventually and use of talent, if harnessed properly, with the support and our full involvement, will bring added value that has the purpose to make a community grow and prosper on all its levels. Working together for developing tomorrow’s success.  Together we are the future! View our report here

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