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Thu, 19 October 2017

Technological innovation for EVW Holding through the new partnership with NTT DATA Romania in implementing SAP DBM industry solution

Cluj-Napoca, 19th October 2017

NTT DATA Romania marks a new local success, starting the first implementation on the Romanian market of an SAP industry solution for car dealers: SAP DBM - Dealer Business Management, at EVW Holding.

"The partnership with EVW Holding is particularly important in the light of the industry solution that we will be implementing for the first time in Romania. EVW wanted to improve communication and relationship management with their dealers so as to allow a 10% increase in turnover. Along with them, we came to the conclusion that SAP Dealer Business Management Suite responds best to this goal through assuming the implementation of a unique project in Romania.

This step definitely contributes to the consolidation of our leading position that we gained last year when we positioned ourselves as pioneers in the SAP S/4 HANA area.

The experience of the 8 years of implementing SAP solutions on the Romanian market, the fact that for more than 7 years we have the status of Preferred Supplier of SAP SE, and NTT DATA's 4th position as a SAP service provider, recommend us as a trusted partner in this area. To these pragmatic details we add the unique character of NTT DATA Romania on the local market, namely that although we belong to one of the most solid global organizations since 2013, we have preserved and developed the entrepreneurial spirit of the former EBS Romania "- said Maria Metz, Deputy CEO, NTT DATA Romania.

"Excellence in execution is one of the landmarks that differentiates us in a dynamic market, besides the value of the people in our team. In order to maintain EVW standards in current and future partnerships, forces us to choose innovative solutions that address our needs and the markets’. Through uniqueness and pioneering, our team confirms once again what brought us here: trust and courage. When I refer to these two qualities, I am thinking of the NTT DATA colleagues who are now part of our team, and we of their team. In addition, what nicer gift is there, now, when we celebrate 25 years of excellence and performance, if not such a valuable system that will take us further, "said Ștefan Vâju, CEO, Chairman of the Board, EVW Holding.

The SAP's innovative solution that will be implemented at EVW Holding, is based on the SAP ERP core that will support EVW Holding's operations in the financial area, cost control, materials management, sales, and approval streams. SAP’s core is natively integrated SAP’s core is natively integrated with the industry-leading solution SAP DBM (Dealer Business Management), which meets the requirements of EVW Holding, covering critical areas such as the sale of new and second hand trucks, parts sales and service management.

The proposed SAP solution will be integrated into the SAP HANA technology platform, benefiting from all the functionalities and technological innovations. At the same time, the implementation will provide complex interfaces with the information systems of DAF car manufacturer, the main partner of the company in Cluj.


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