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SEKURRA is a service that provides data protection at the data layer leveraging Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) on-demand through a dedicated REST interface. Attribute-Based Encryption is the core cryptography technology, and its unique characteristic is built-in attribute-based access control that can support cross-industry use cases. 
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Main Features

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Attribute Based Encryption 

Secure your data with fine-grained access control

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Seamlessly integrate encryption & access control for enhanced security

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Data Centric Protection

Ensure consistent protection across various data layers

About Adaptive-ABAC

Take advantage of Adaptive-ABAC

• One technology for two critical functions: Encryption & Attribute Based Access Control at data layer

• Last Line of defense with efficient encryption and attribute based access control (ABAC) benefits

• Fine-grained policy based data access & sharing

• Data centric consistent protection with access control policy independent of layer

How Adaptive-ABAC?

• Microsoft Azure environment or on-premise

• Content-Based Access Controls - policies are associated with user’s private keys, whereas attributes are associated with ciphertexts. A user can decrypt a ciphertext if and only if its attributes satisfy user’s private key’s policy

• Role-Based Access Controls - attributes are associated with users and policies are associated with ciphertexts. A user can decrypt a ciphertext if and only if its attributes satisfy the policy

Why Adaptive-ABAC?

• Highly secure lifetime protection embedded with protected data/file no matter where data/file is stored

• Independent from specific vendor software implementations, e.g., multi-cloud/multi-vendor strategy

• Minimize large scale data breach risk with strict access control policy for different data segments

How it works

The data protected with SEKURRA solution overcomes the biggest issue of market available data access control platforms, where in-app masking is the only way for protecting he data on-the-fly, as long a user accesses the data through the application portal. 
Regardless if targeting Multipart computation, Cloud data protection or Offline sharing, SEKURRA service can improve the safety of the data stored in a lake or shared between different parties.
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