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Harness the potential of Intelligent Automation to drive digital growth and build a connected and transparent business. NTT Data supports you in harnessing automation's benefits, which include streamlined operations, simplified and secure processes, and optimized costs.

Having the skills and expertise to deploy intelligent automation tools that match your company's business model and needs, we develop a holistic digital approach that generates the best results for your business.

We have the Technology and Skills that Make the Difference

We use the latest tools and technologies to future-proof your business by simplifying, accelerating, and securing internal processes.

Build an intelligent business with robotic process automation and a powerful mix of data analytics, machine learning, and cognitive capabilities solutions as we provide assistance every step of the way, from automation strategy design to implementation, optimization, and integration with existing systems.

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We focus on

Inteligent Automation

Customer Care

Better excellent customer service with fast issue resolution. From claims process automation to chat bots and automatic reports.

Inteligent Automation


Have everything ready on-time, from automated bill generation to invoice matching and regulatory reporting for monthly closing.

Inteligent Automation

Human Resources

Automate the HR department so you can focus more on your employees needs and performance.

Inteligent Automation

Customer Management

Get a fast response to customer inquiries by automating your orders, bills generation and contract creation.

Inteligent Automation

Suppliers Management

Have a lean and efficient supply chain with a better vendor managemnt, automatic items ordering and invoice pricessing.

Inteligent Automation

Transportation & Logistics

Speed-up your operational efficiency with data ghathering automation, measurement and monitoring.

Automation Partners

Discover our work

Telekom Romania has speed-up their payment process by 80% with RPA automation implemented by NTT Data Romania.

- Processes optimization and digitalization of the inbound process.
- Increase customer satisfaction.

- Increased reporting speed by +37% and accuracy for the process by 98% error elimination.
- Increased customer experience through improved servicing time and exponentially lower the number of processing errors.

Discover IVA: Our Digital Avatar

Meet IVA, our digital avatar solution that uses the latest Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text technologies, facilitating natural communication with the user, offering flexibility in configuration and applicability.

IVA can interact with people using natural language by understanding complex and non-standard sentences. The standard interface plug & play allows new engines effortlessly, offering a structured and capable interface.

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