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Students and Graduates

Forge your own path. Make memories that last a lifetime.

You can explore your strengths and interests part-time as Working Student or Summer Intern. Moreover, we are happy to support you with your graduation thesis. If you will be graduating soon, our NTT DATA Academy awaits. Experience a culture where the brightest minds thrive, have fun and make use of cutting-edge technologies. The best part about it? Our mentorship program offers all the support that you need along your journey.


Working Students
Are you currently pursuing an Informatics and Computer Science degree and willing to show off your talents? You got it! Our Working Student program offers you flexibility to complete your studies, while enabling you to acquire hands-on experience in a revolutionary IT company. You can count on a generous Scholarship and on a minimum 2-year collaboration with NTT DATA Romania.
Student Mentorship
At NTT DATA Romania, we embrace your creativity and offer all the guidance you need, so that you can lay a solid foundation for your thesis. Whether you are graduating from Bachelor or Master, we are happy to receive your thesis proposals. Our Senior Specialists will share their knowledge and grant you access to relevant information. All you need to do is reach out to us with a description of the topic that you want to tackle at and our team will get back to you in real time. The paper must closely follow the University requirements and will be jointly coordinated by the designated University professor and the NTT DATA specialists.
Summer Internships
Copying and making coffee? Please don’t! Find out what it means to work for a Trusted IT Innovator and how NTT DATA Romania shapes the future of technology. This summer, decide to build relationships and embrace experiences that will last you a lifetime. During your 3-4 weeks of Internship, you will get to know our company better and gain valuable insights into Embedded, Java or SAP programming, as well as into testing, .NET technologies or Business Support Function roles. If you are currently pursuing your 1st - 3rd year of Bachelor studies, we are happy to hear from you and involve you in the selection process!
NTT DATA Academy
The NTT DATA Academy enables Informatics and Computer Science undergraduates to acquire invaluable on-the-job experience in the 3rd-4th year of study. This is a great way to expand your knowledge and land your first job after the successful completion of the Academy. Our internal Gurus are here to mentor and initiate you into Academy-specific technologies, such as SAP, ABAP, Siebel or Embedded. Get to know our program graduates and find out more about our current Academies!
Postgraduate Training Program in Computer Science
Is it time to steer your career in a new direction? Has professional reconversion been on your mind lately? If you answered “yes” to both questions, we might be able to help. NTT DATA Romania is launching the second edition of the “Postgraduate Training Program in Computer Science” in partnership with "Babeş-Bolyai" University. Accredited by the Ministry of National Education in 2016, the program is the gateway to the IT & Software industry for university graduates. Elite professors from Babes-Bolyai University, along with our in-house specialists have jointly designed the syllabus of the program. You will explore Programming and Algorithmic Fundamentals, Data Structures, as well as hands-on courses, such as Web Client Side, Server Side and Programming Languages. Learn more about the admission calendar.
Deutschsprachiger Studiengang der Informatik
NTT DATA Romania, along with MHP Consulting and Porsche AG is proudly sponsoring the German Informatics study line at Babes-Bolyai University. We strive to forge a solid relationship with students, nurture your talent and guide you on your journey to the IT market. Our specialists hold workshops and seminars regularly for the German study line at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics in Cluj-Napoca. In addition, students get the chance to visit our top-class Headquarter in Cluj, learn more about NTT DATA Romania and our innovative projects. But wait, there is more! You can acquire your first hands-on experience by joining one of our Summer Internships.

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