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As a group, NTT DATA has earned its reputation of supporting innovation and it has been doing this by implementing an open innovation strategy and by pursuing collaboration with clients, universities, and startups. Our focus is particularly on innovation with clients by providing them the right tools to respond to their needs of innovation. With our client’s trust as an innovative partner, we are looking for more than just ideas; we are interested in those startups which are enhanced with a long-term project that respond to the market needs. Therefore, we are looking for those start-ups that have a valuable solution validated by their clients, all this supported by vision, passion and ability to execute.

Stand out in an evolving diversity

Even though cooperation between corporations and start-ups presents challenges, we can make from this model a key business enabler.

The impact of technology on all sectors demands a good collaboration between start-ups and established firms. This collaboration model responds to the current market needs. We act as a bridge between innovative startups and established firms and we grant the value of the start-ups’ solutions and compensate their needs to share the resources of a corporation.

As a member of a large, multinational company with a worldwide presence, NTT DATA can support the most valuable initiatives thanks to the value of our brand and the credibility that we can provide to our partners even beyond Romanian borders. This recommends us as a travel companion that shares the same enthusiasm as a start-up does but has the maturity and the experience to look at business opportunities and at projects from a pragmatic point of view, so you can compete in today’s market. All these is expressed in a network of relationships, collaboration and shared efforts by offering our partners the possibility to actively enter the ecosystem and to enable collaboration with startups, universities and clients in addition to our internal capabilities.

Facing the challenges together 

When discussing with start-ups they are saying that the main challenges are to get an working space to turn their ideas into reality, access to training or workshops, mentoring, networking opportunities, finding a place where they can discuss with a potential client and of course, finding potential clients, because they are the ones that keep the business going. NTT DATA Romania has the necessary means to offer you all these.

Since 2014 our Open Innovation Contest pushes the boundaries of possibilities for technology and business. Annually we invite start-up companies with great ideas to enter Open Innovation. Worldwide, regional contests are held in more than 15 cities, where the regional winners will be invited to present their pitch to a panel of judges for the Tokyo grand finale.

To develop innovative business together with NTT DATA, the ultimate grand champion contest winner will receive up to $100,000 USD to develop a proof of concept (POC) with NTT DATA clients in addition to receiving support of a dedicated team of consultants, technical specialists and business experts that will help you bring your start-up to the next level.

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