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Fri, 15 March 2024

Alina Ghețu, DevOps Engineer, NTT DATA Romania Iași

Can you briefly share with us what you do at NTT DATA Romania?

Alina Ghetu, DevOps engineer responsible of process automation, combining knowledges of infrastructure, Linux, scripting, pipelines coding.

What beats fuel your passion outside of work, and how do they harmonize with the professional "bytes" you deal with?

Passion, dream, curiosity, vision, are still strong with the years passing, and help me to keep my hobby alive. And not sure if unexpected or not, subconsciously, or not, but the same and other characteristic points apply and intervene in my daily work too:

I get curious about any type of task and get enthusiastic to resolve each of them.

Tell us more about your beats and how can others join you.

Maybe some of my "beats" are given by my zodiacal sign too, as I'm Pisces, and creativity and dreaming are the main features of Pisces. Since I was a little girl I wanted to help and inspire others, maybe that's why from an early stage I've started to like and play with a camera. For me photography is like expecting the unexpected, accepting all the differences in the world in all aspects and even liking them. Is something like when you see a field flower suddenly spouting from a mountain rock, but you don't wander just accept and you're even happy about it. Photography can easy be exploited as long as you have passion, curiosity, imagination and patience.

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 Alina Ghetu

What's that one thing, whether a routine or a mindset, that motivates you and sets the tone for your day?

I don't really know, I'm just that person who sees life as a gift. Summing all my positive thoughts up I think that at the end would be something like, "it's a new day, enjoy it".

If you could drop a byte-sized advice and add a beat of encouragement for your colleagues, for that work life balance dream, what would it be based on your own experiences?

Sometimes it is hard to find the balance between work and life, but if you can become aware of how much time you waste with your current routine doing things you don't enjoy.

Alina Ghetu

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