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Thu, 29 February 2024

Andrei Obreja, DevOps Engineer and Runner, NTT DATA Romania


Can you briefly share with us what you do at NTT DATA Romania?

I'm a passionate DevOps Engineer with a focus on maintaining and continuously improve existing platform architecture for our project. Together with my team, we are providing the best services for our clients. Our responsibilities include providing stable clusters and applications in which the clients can build their projects while we provide all the necessary requirements to meet their expectations.


What beats fuel your passion outside of work, and how do they harmonize with the professional "bytes" you deal with?

Outside of work I like to connect with nature in a dynamic way. I found that I can do this while running. I feel refreshed and motivated doing this, I find myself in a better mood, and I associate the experience with a journey. This hobby goes together with my professional role.

Being a DevOps, the daily tasks can be dynamic, things are changing just like the weather is changing while you are on a long run, and you must continuously adapt and plan next steps. You feel alive.

Tell us more about your beats and how can others join you.

Running can become a lifestyle, for me it is already, but in order to fully enjoy it you must not force yourself, it's enough to run in your comfort zone and is accessible for each of us, the only thing that stand between you and this journey is a pair of shoes and a wonderful place you've seen before and you want to rediscover. Careful however, it could become addictive.  

Andrei Obreja DevOps


What's that one thing, whether a routine or a mindset, that motivates you and sets the tone for your day?

Life is short so if your mind is lost in the future or past, and if you don't enjoy that moment, you may regret it later. Start living now, every moment is a blessing. Starting the day with a smile will only lead you in the right direction. 

Andrei Obreja DevOps

If you could drop a byte-sized advice and add a beat of encouragement for your colleagues, for that work life balance dream, what would it be based on your own experiences?

Sometimes it is hard to find the balance between work and life, but if you can become aware of how much time you waste with your current routine doing things you don't enjoy.

At some point you will understand that you may need a fresh start after which the focus will include the enjoyable activities and goals.

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