Harmonizing Daily Tasks with the Power of Music, with Maria Lupea, ITSM Process from Timisoara. | NTT DATA

Mon, 01 April 2024

Harmonizing Daily Tasks with the Power of Music, with Maria Lupea, ITSM Process from Timisoara.

Can you briefly share with us what you do at NTT DATA Romania?

My current role in NTT DATA is ITSM process coordinator and I am managing the transition of a premier industry truck leader.

What beats fuel your passion outside of work, and how do they harmonize with the professional "bytes" you deal with?

I have been into Metal music since my adolescence. I’m 45 and over the years I have more than 300 concerts and festivals on my Done list. It harmonizes perfectly with my daily tasks as my music is in perfect harmony with my hectic and challenging daily agenda. 


As migrations are all the time dynamic, my music sustains my daily need for high adrenaline.

Tell us more about your beats and how can others join you.

My beats are the perfect beats for me. My favorite band of all time is Iron Maiden from UK and from Romania, my favorite band is Dirty Shirt. But only passively, as a fan.  And yes, everybody is free to attend their amazing concerts!

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What's that one thing, whether a routine or a mindset, that motivates you and sets the tone for your day?

However, my music routine is lyric music in which I am totally into, having an active role. For almost a year, I have been a member of Community Choir of Timisoara that is into a close collaboration with the National Philharmonic “Banatul”, in Timisoara. In 2023, the year of Timisoara – European Capital of Culture, we had one amazing concert with “The 9th Symphony” of Beethoven under the outstanding guidance of Maestro Gabriel Bebeselea and in November we have recorded some amazing Christmas carols under the outstanding guidance of Maestro Cristian Macelaru.

Both are Europe’s elitist lyric orchestra conductors with outstanding performances and results. In October, I was in the distribution of the operetta Grust Mein Banat, a collaboration with National Opera of Timisoara.
Having the finest artistic guidance from Mr. Andreas Schein and Mrs. Diana Pap, a lyric masterpiece came to light, the operetta Grust Mein Banat, on worldwide premiere. The whole event was charity concert organized by Rotary Timisoara and being part of this high-class lyric act, it was a fantastic joy!

And in December I had two amazing concerts – Gospel meets Christmas- part of Timisoara Gosper Project under the amazing guidance of Dominic Samuel Fritz , as well a charity event to help ‘Fundatia Timisoara ‘89” 
Even if it’s about a huge effort jumping from the PC to rehearsals three or four times a week, I will keep doing it as it’s giving sparkles to my soul and it’s an amazing feeling!


If you could drop a byte-sized advice and add a beat of encouragement for your colleagues, for that work life balance dream, what would it be based on your own experiences?

“Switch-off that PC, go outside and do what you love!” It’s amazing! And I use to say: it is not my voice that sings, it is my soul 😊. 

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