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Starting out in 2011 with a team of 11 people within the automotive industry, NTT DATA Romania currently holds a team of over 400 embedded engineers and specialists. Our strengths lie in the following abilities: delivering required resources on demand while taking our clients’ needs and requirements into consideration, constantly adapting the desired project pace and cultural environment we work in and maintaining a low attrition rate while increasing the number of employees by the year.

Software Development
  • Software development on application layer for instrument clusters, secondary displays, head-up displays, interior camera, radar systems, stereo camera and smart meters functionalities
  • Low-level driver development and configuration
  • AUTOSAR experience
  • Graphical User Interface (HMI), configuration and modelling
  • Control algorithms implementation
  • System integration and System integration tests
  • Diagnose management and monitoring of the information in CAN-Bus and LIN-Bus
  • Simulations for Electronic Control Units and other network devices
  • Model based development
  • Firmware development for smart meters
Hardware Development
  • Hardware Development
  • EE requirements engineer, EE architect, EE developer, EE test engineer
  • PCB designer 
  • Electric Schematic design
  • Circuit calculations 
  • Automotive Products hands on experience
  • PCB build up, first functionality experience – flash and test
  • Electric/Electronic initial testing 
  • Sensor development
  • Skills in analysis, organization and planning in the fields of electronics, information technology and embedded systems
  • Ability to solve theoretical and practical problems with particular emphasis on electronic circuits, control programs and the software-hardware interface.
Software Testing
  • Black Box and White Box testing
  • Functional Tests using manual and automatic methods
  • Software In the Loop and Hardware In the Loop testing
  • Testing of various communication drivers (CAN, FlexRay, K-line, SPI,how  MOST, LIN, KWP2000 etc.)
  • Testing development tools
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
Software close to Hardware abilities
  • Power consumption measure, temperature measurement
  • Experience in using internal microcontroller modules: ADC, RTC, UART, Ethernet, SPI, I2C, CAN,  Timers, PWM and microcontroller capabilities (low power modes)
  • Image processing – Kalman filter
  • Testing Sequence Process Enhancement
  • CMOS EMC interference enhancement
  • SW/HW testing capabilities

We are Agile

Strong expertise in methodologies (i.e. Agile-SCRUM), V-Model (based on A-SPICE) and standards for functional safety (IEC 61508 / ISO 26262). Our embedded services have delivered reduced time-to-market and enabled businesses to focus on core competencies.

We are the experts

Technical expertise in using tools such as Visual Studio, Matlab, Simulink, Vector tools, Labview, Jira, Keil, Photoshop, XMLSpy, Cantata, BSKD, GIT, Jenkins, SVN and programming languages such as: Embedded C, Embedded C++, Perl, C#, CAPL Nearshore delivery & proximity: cultural, geographic, temporal (time zone), cultural, linguistic (100% of our employees speak English and 55% are German speakers)

We grow talent and potential

We annually organize embedded academies and a significant number of our senior embedded specialists have obtained the AUTOSAR Certificate of Attendance. Our embedded development and testing expertise spans across several industries, ranging from automotive to energy and utilities.

To us quality is translated in 3 main pillars: our experienced team, our knowledge and well-defined processes, our global delivery capabilities and ensures that clients can fully rely on us to deliver the agreed services on time and within budget.

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Requests regarding the verification of Employment History, accompanied with a valid consent form, shall be sent to the Privacy Office via mail, at the address data.protection@nttdata.ro
For urgent matters please contact us at +40 364 413 100



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