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To drive business growth, IT organisations need to bring innovation wherever it’s needed - whether to fast-track new initiatives, update legacy systems or take advantage of new technologies and channels. NTT DATA helps you innovate across all phases of the application lifecycle. Our comprehensive portfolio of Application Development, Management and Testing services combine technical and business expertise with client insight to develop tailored solutions to optimise value for your business. 

Our vendor-agnostic approach, supported by a robust set of methodologies and frameworks, leverages open source where feasible and maximises your return on investment. We create solutions and develop real-time and embedded applications for devices as diverse as wireless communications equipment, automotive control systems or infotainment systems. Today, the explosion of intelligent and smart mobile devices has accelerated the number of new applications and solutions on the market. We leverage our deep knowledge of a wide spectrum of platforms to provide real-time and embedded services.


Architecture Strategy and Design
New business strategies require the use of new technologies: innovative solutions, marked by stability, durability and adaptability, thus enabling a cost-effective and continuous growth.In the development of new software products, NTT DATA takes a leading role, making recommendations in regards to the use of optimal architecture within a specific project, conducting project analysis and elaborating specifications for the application. Here we offer specialized concepts, describing technical and functional features of the system as well as technical specifications (architecture description, definition of performance parameters, description of user interfaces, interfaces with external systems, database models, etc.).
Application Development
Business-critical applications require the use of state-of-the-art tools and technologies, as well as a high level of professionalism in the process of software development, a fact confirmed by our extensive experience with international clients and numerous IT projects. We are reliable in planning and delivering IT experts on time and within budget, while ensuring the highest quality. We have the necessary expertise for code guidelines, best practices, clean codes, architectural models or frameworks.  We apply many of the traditional development methodologies used in software projects: RUP (IBM Rational Unified Process), Microsoft Solutions Framework or approaches of the agile software development RAD (Rapid Application Development). For instance, we managed to successfully carry out SCRUM projects remotely with IT experts based in different locations. NTT DATA has taken up these development methodologies and created a tailored approach involving practical nearshore project experience and the latest available technologies.
Application Management Services
In addition to development services, NTT DATA provides customer support and application management services for a large number of international clients. NTT DATA’s support staff provides functional, technical, ITIL compliant support in both German and English.You can rely on the highest quality of service in regards to your software applications. Regardless of the standard solutions in use, Microsoft, Siebel or custom solutions, we deliver expert services and ensure an optimal performance of several applications and add-ons.
Quality Assurance and Testing
NTT DATA provides a variety of testing services, ensuring the quality for your product or application throughout the entire development lifecycle. Our professional competence, state-of-the-art testing technologies and frameworks help us support our clients to improve performance in a fast-changing world of technology. With NTT DATA as an external partner our clients gain not only objectivity during the whole quality assurance process, but also better cost efficiency.
User Experience
Digital applications must be easy to use, but also optimally implemented from a technical point of view. At NTT DATA, we have mastered usability and web design as well as practical implementation and we create sophisticated solutions through our expertise in user-centered design and engineering. We support renowned software products and other IT companies in the full development process of digital and web applications. Based on a thorough analysis of the request, first sketches and prototypes are developed. These user interface drafts can be quickly assessed during usability testing, to enable decisions at an early stage. Using HTML prototypes the product can be simulated and user interaction can be tested before launching the web development.
Mobility Services
Due to the growing mobility demand, mobile applications are in most cases a must have. In order to keep up with the market trends, companies need a fast and professional implementation of their mobile enterprise strategy. NTT DATA offers end-to-end services for the development of mobile applications with native platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Firefox OS, as well as with a wide range of cross-platform solutions, from HTML5 responsive applications integrated with Cordova, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch up to cross compilers such as Titanium, Xamarin.

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