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The world's a stage, and we are all its actors. We have our entrances and exits, and all that matters is that we do it with passion and joy. This is the Shakespearean mindset I go to work with, as I see at the world as an opportunity to live and grasp new experiences, meet and interact with new people.

When creativity runs free and colleagues become friends and journey companions, it's not just a job anymore. With this in mind, all my projects and tasks reshape into exciting new challenges that I need to approach creatively, and I always do it with enthusiasm. What I love the most about my job are the people in my team because each one of them is an exciting character that helps build a collective story.

I discovered my love for theatre by accident. A friend of mine, a member of the university theatre group, asked me if I want to join the group, selling it as a must-have skill to impress any girl. After one week, I forgot the puny reason I went there, and I got dragged into what will become a 15 years long relationship with acting, directing and improv.

Before working in digital marketing, I was considering acting as my future profession. And again, by chance, I ran into Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I loved creating websites, banners, flyers, posters and slowly swayed into a more technical field of email marketing, tracking, and SEO. 

At the moment, my job and my hobby are deeply intertwined, especially after I started using my creativity, voice, image, and public speaking skills in creating content for different projects and company activities.

Actor & Digital Marketing Specialist

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Novi Sad, Serbia


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