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My passion for sports started in childhood, when all the activities of my close group of friends revolved around a ball. The "SMS" we received was always masked by the sound of the ball hitting the wall of the building where we live.

I now share my passion for sports with my colleagues, it is such an enjoyable feeling to play a football game with them after work, where we mostly focus on contracts or complex business situations. 

A typical day at works starts like this: I wake up in the morning in a good mood and ready to start the day and face any challenges that might arise. I am never pressured by the thought that “Monday is coming”, and this is the feeling people should have when they think about the work-week ahead.

I love my job because I feel connected with the business and keep close contact with all the other departments; I can sense the market dynamics and I see myself as an essential part of what is happening around me.

Football player & Business Controller




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