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My first love was actually dancing: ballet for ten years and then social Latin dances for five years. You wouldn’t say that dancing and kickboxing have much in common, but they actually do; they both taught me flexibility, self-control and how to react to unpredictability. Through dancing, I am expressing my feminine side, so I also started to box, which is a more „manly” hobby, because I wanted to find a balance between my mind and my body. 

Working a full-time job while pursuing your passions demands time and focus, but both are important for stability, development and self-actualization. Many of us need to relax after work and sports are the best options for this, whatever kind of exercise you choose. 

I plan almost every hour of my day; I am a big fan of to-do lists, schedules and plans; I use two agendas and two calendars to cover all the aspects of my day/week. I think good time management is the secret to keeping a healthy work-life balance. We always find time for what’s important to us.

At work, two days are never the same, even if each of them always includes meetings with clients, e-mails, calls with colleagues, reports, presentations, calculations and other tasks. Each day has its own personality, teaches me something new and is an opportunity to grow.

Kickboxer & Sales Manager


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