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A couple of years ago, I was introduced to a multiplayer strategy game called “League of Legends” and became mesmerized by its complexity, lore, and the thrilling feeling you get when playing.

Before each match, you have to evaluate the champions' abilities, prepare the strategy and struggle to gain objectives within a game. The strategy has to be well-defined because each champion is different. Like work, the game has unforeseen volatility and it's fun or troublesome and messy.

Equilibrium is hard to obtain. The real game – work has priority and it is relevant for the long term, so like in a multiplayer game I take calculated decisions together with my team. After work, I usually watch a match played by professionals or throw myself in a match. Work or game, I have to improve, face the struggle, attain objectives and win.

For me, a day at work starts like a game, with a short evaluation of the resources and prioritization of the tasks, going on with speeding through the emails, therefore the game is loaded. Like in a multiplayer game, you have to communicate precisely, be conscious of the main goal and reach the next objective, the next milestone.

I am grateful for being able to work in an industry where curiosity and analysis can solve day-to-day problems. Moreover, being engaged in a challenging issue brings a sense of purpose. 

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