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I was exempt from performing any physical activities for most of my childhood due to a common heart condition known as a systolic murmur. However, growing up, I was very active, always running or riding my bike and racing with other kids on the block. As a result of not having performed any intense physical activities, when my condition had finally disappeared, I vividly remember hitting the track during my first year of college and after only 3 laps, I felt exhausted, close to collapsing to the ground. I knew that I had to take on the challenge of gradually improving my fitness, and I found running to be a catalyst for discipline, relentlessness, resilience and drive.

I have found my passion for sports to transition into the workplace positively, productively and meaningful. I am more disciplined, organised, self-aware and have the strength to go forward despite any temporary setbacks. 

I keep the balance between my passions and my career by being perseverant in the pursuit of exercising discipline, boundary and paradigm shifting. Shortly upon my arrival at the office, I go for a double-espresso to get that caffeine kick. My day is packed with meetings, ranging from staffing and all to way up to reporting on various performance metrics. The highlight of my workday is at lunch, when I get to sit down with my colleagues and have a chat about past weekend activities and future holiday plans. I have always loved doing the hard and difficult work, as I love the thrills of an intellectual challenge and in my current role I can exercise just that. There is also the creative nature of my role which requires out-of-the-box thinking to find the most suitable and adequate solutions.

Runner & Product Line Manager

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Novi Sad, Serbia


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