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My story started with a desire to do something new with my family, so we came up with the idea to lay the foundations of a lavender crop. We studied and prepared the land and from the first year, the culture expanded harmoniously and even flourished twice. The moment of picking lavender was the one that opened my imagination and made me think about its further uses. Then, I started making small floral designs and I continued with products like oil, floral water, syrup and candles, then I evolved to complex floral designs. 

Through lavender, I discovered a hidden passion that pushes me to create and I put my heart and soul into every decoration. Most of the time, I relax while doing floral design, I find peace, I manage to come up with something new and I am happy when I see people who appreciate what I created. Through each decoration, I try to write a story about lavender. To make it easier to get through the busy times at work, I brought lavender to the office and created what I like to call “a lavender paradise”, so when I'm stressed, I look at my colorful and cheerful corner to recharge my batteries. 

My day at the office usually kicks with a gym workout, followed by a good coffee with a lot of milk and honey. Then I check my emails and prioritize the activities for that day. At noon, I have lunch with some of my colleagues and then I continue with my activities until the end of the workday. I like to bring joy to my colleagues twice a month: in advance salary day and on main salary day. Otherwise, I enjoy everything that involves payroll and employee administration activities.

Florist & Remuneration Consultant

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