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I was fascinated by cameras since I was a kid. In my early days, the only available cameras were the analog ones on film, so it was kind of hard to practice photography and have to count how many shots I still have left, but once I got my hands on a digital camera, everything changed.

We now have high-performance cameras in our pockets most of the time, so it has become way easier for me to find a balance between my job and my hobby. On holidays, I really enjoy taking out the „artillery” and I try to make the most of it. I definitely cannot compare the quality and the sensation of handling a manual lens - set the focus on something, hold your breath and try to capture the right moment - with the instant shots taken with a smartphone, it’s not the same feeling. It has a very meditative effect on me, helps me focus on the moment and gets me into a state of flow.

When at work, I start my day with a nice cup of coffee and then I let the day unfold. I’m currently mixing my usual development tasks and project meetings with managing a team of interns for an Embedded Academy we’ve organized and I have to admit that I enjoy it a lot! 

I love that I’m in the middle of technology advancement and I can apply a great deal of what I’ve studied at the University. Furthermore, I also love that I got to meet a lot of nice people throughout the years I’ve worked here.

Photographer & Senior Software Engineer


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