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Globalisation, increased competition and a challenging economic environment are driving many organisations to re-evaluate their business models in an effort to enhance performance. In particular, companies are increasingly focusing attention and resources on their internal core competencies and outsourcing other functions that are not considered core to their business. For many companies, certain IT and business services fall within the category of functions that are ideal for outsourcing. NTT DATA helps you ensure that outsourcing is not just a method of gaining a one-time cost advantage, but an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages when executed as part of an overall program to build a high-performance organisation. By adopting a nearshoring approach you may benefit from one of the many advantages such a collaboration has to offer: geographic and temporal proximity, resemblances in culture and linguistics, linkages in economic, historical and political backgrounds. Our focus lies within the provision of nearshoring services. For more than 50 clients worldwide we offer our services over the entire software lifecycle.


Nearshoring Services
NTT DATA is your reliable nearshore IT Service Provider in Romania. We have been providing IT nearshoring services to our clients since 2000. Over 300 clients and 400 successfully delivered projects worldwide stand for our extensive IT experience and high-level competencies. We are committed to establishing solid long-term collaborations, this is why the average duration of our partnership extends over 4 years. This way we manage to maintain a low fluctuation rate, thus representing a reliable partner for your business. Planning security is our clients’ main concern. By choosing a nearshoring approach, you will have access to qualified resources, delivered on time and within budget. Our longstanding collaboration with the top 5 technical universities in Romania enables us to recruit, build up resources and provide you with the required skills for your IT projects. We receive over 7.500 applications per year, conduct 2.000 interviews and hire about 200 new employees on average per year. We are based in 6 different locations in Romania, which ensures proximity and connectivity within Europe.
Business Process Outsourcing
All businesses are under intense pressure to earn value on their operational assets. But no two businesses are alike. That’s why NTT DATA delivers its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services with an agile, customised approach. We’re different because we focus our BPO services around process optimisation and efficiencies by creating synergies between IT and BPO. We also emphasise the value of better data management and analytics to help you make more informed and more competitive business decisions. Backed by deep domain and technology expertise in multiple industries, we can deliver innovation when and where you need it. We have demonstrated the process optimisation, control, and rigour that fast-tracks tangible results. As a result, you can stay competitive, expand product offerings, and enter new markets with less risk. Most of all, we sustain long-term, deep relationships with our customers, so you can count on us as a trusted business partner long after near-term gains have been achieved.
Application Management and Outsourcing
In addition to development services, NTT DATA provides customer support and application management services for a large number of international clients. NTT DATA’s support staff provides functional, technical, ITIL compliant support in both German and English. You can rely on the highest quality of service in regards to your software applications. Regardless of the standard solutions in use, Microsoft, Siebel or custom solutions, we deliver expert services and ensure an optimal performance of several applications and add-ons.

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